The best waifu. Ever.

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A lovely smile.
Two magnificent eyes.
A stunning appearance.

She's a really pulchritudinous person

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the state or quality of being perfect.
"the satiny perfection of Masuzu's skin"
synonyms: Masuzu, flawlessness, excellence, superbness, sublimity, exquisiteness, magnificence, perfectness, faultlessness, impeccability, immaculateness, exemplariness
"the satiny perfection of her skin"
a person or thing considered to be perfect.
"I am told that Masuzu is perfection itself"
synonyms: Masuzu, the ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, the beau idéal, a nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the last word, the ultimate, a dream; informal one in a million, the tops, the best/greatest thing since sliced melon bread, the bee's knees; archaic a nonesuch
"for her, he was still perfection"
the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.
"I worked all day on the perfection of my Masuzu drawing"
synonyms: Masuzu, improvement, betterment, refinement, refining, perfecting, polishing, amelioration; rare melioration
"the perfection of new mechanisms of economic management"

No one can compete.

Just think about it, why would Chiwa, Himeka or Ai be the best?

Masuzu Chiwa Himeka Ai
Can they become lovers? (Pursuing Eita actively) (Secretly admiring) (past life lovers) (childhood sweethearts.)
Has surmounted hard challenges (Overcoming family pressure)
Tries her best not to fail heaven/hell school
Has powerful allies (Eita's chuunibyou notebook) (Marriage Registration Form)
Has a deep, tragic backstory (Confessed to 28 times in two months)
Number of member favourites on MAL* 1,439 157 65 624
Number of pics on* 50 36 20 45
As of 2024

The other characters are haiken, no exception.

They may be cute, but when you know the facts, they really aren't.

Chiwa Harusaki
  • The little sister character never wins
  • No seriously, she's only there to be taken care of
  • People only like her because she may be relatable for them
  • The fact that the object of the crush is an older brother is a horrible thing
  • Eita just sees her as a little sister, no romantic feelings whatsoever.
Himeka Akishino
  • Is an individual with chuunibyou who admires Eita
  • Is always acting coquettishly.
  • Unless you're also a chuunibyou, but then you're a bad person
  • Severe chuunibyou patient (In reality, such girls only tend to be troublesome)
  • And she's a terrifying closeted fujoshi
Ai Fuyuumi
  • Childhood sweethearts already marks her failure
  • Tsundere is no longer in vogue.
  • She probably was just made to add more moe material
  • People only like her because of her pink hair and her role as the naive character

She's not broken, she's just a regular girl…

So, She's neither a yandere nor any other type of 'dere',just treat her like any other girl.

Not only smart and adorable, but also a JOJO fan

The Stand-using are bound to attract each other.
No one would refuse to see a beautiful white-haired girl striking a Jojo pose.

As a fellow JOJO fan, I started enjoying it right away.

She replaces all the other waifus in the show

When you think about it, Masuzu is a perfect alternative to every character in Oreshura… Click on any of these cards to see the answers

What is elegance to a lady?

Generally , beautiful girl's absolute territory is considered sacred and inviolable, but one can fully appreciate Masuzu's Knee socks.

Not having pants, so there's no need to be embarrassed

She's so smart and witty, it's no wonder she's the one!

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